Agent. Polywall component that allows you to transfer real-time picture of any machine with Windows OS on your video wall.

Configuration Wizard. Instrument for simple primary configuring of Polywall Server and Visualizer components.

Cubes or display facilities layout. Number of your real screens in video wall.

Designer.  Web-interface to operate with displaying units downloaded through Mozilla Firefox or other browser. 

Display. Displaying tool or Display Video. 

Files section. The area in Designer which contains files/sources  directories available for view. 

Graphic Server Redundancy. Fail over mechanism for providing reliability in system configurations through two working mirrored Visualizers or video wall controllers.

Grid-spacing. Frequency of a grid in separate  display cube.

Hardware ID. Letters and numblers sequence dynamically generated on each users system and is dependent to the computer system setup, motherboard, and processor. (Can be found on the second step in Configuration Wizard).

Kit. Installation pack which contains Configuration Wizard, Polywall Server, Visualizer and Worker components.

LDAP. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Used in Polywal Pro version for Active Directory intergration.

License codeUnique character sequence which is binded to one Hardware ID and is used for activate the license.

Live section. The area in Designer which contains all connected video walls and separate screens.

Preview section. Intended for preliminary scene preview.

Repository. File storage in computer available for the further  use.

Room. A group of one or several  display facilities on which information  management and demonstration can be  connected logically. (Сurrently all actions are perfomed in one default room, adding more rooms is purposelessly ).

Scene. Functional content of displaying tool in a certain period of time containing the name and data sources.

Scenario. A set of connected scenes. The scenarios are  needed for content preparation beforehand.

Scenario section. The area intended for scenario planning and saving to display the content.

Server.  Polywall component dedicated to perform a service task, which ensures  access to the control interface via a web-browser and interaction of it with other Polywall 


Source management. Special instrument in Designer which allows you to transfer mouser clicks and key buttons (in text fields) directly to the source. To activate press cursor icon in the right upper corner of any Display.

VisualizerPolywall component that ensures content display and control on a display facility. 

Worker. Polywall component intended to provide access to source files located in various storages.