Opening sources on the video wall is not working properly. Possible variations:

1) Empty window frames in Designer and nothing on the video wall.

2) Endless thumbnail loading circles in repositories under Files section in Designer.

3) Black window with empty list symbol on the video wall.

4) Some repository is empty in Designer though it contains a content.


1) Polywall Visualizer is not running or have been configured incorrectly.

2) Polywall ports are busy by side software.

3) Security program blocks Polywall network interactions.

4) Polywall components are installed on the machines for the demo purpose with a lot of side software.

5) Empty repository has a damaged source.


1) Polywall Visualizer should be turned on.
2) The damaged source needs to be found and deleted to make empty repository work in Designer.

3) Security software must be disabled or configured to allow Polywall interactions.

4) Polywall must be used on the machines with minimum side software.