1.  Android and iOS devices are unavailable in "Show laptop" section.

     Set wireless network parameters in Flipbox Admin or configure guest Wi-Fi.

2.  Does FB use encryption during screen mirroring?

     It does not.

3.  When starting Flipbox notifies that port 80 is busy.

     Side software occupies port 80. It can be Skype. Disable "using 80 port" in Skype settings. Another way is changing Flipbox port in file           

     "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flipbox\config.ini". Find the string WebServerPort=80 and change port.

4. An error appears during Word files opening.

    Windows user account must contain english letters without spaces.

5. Sending email with default Flipbox account does not work.

    Use the latest Flipbox version or configure your own email account in Flipbox Admin. If it still does not work please configure your own mailbox.

6. Flipbox app icons do not fit in home screen.

    The max allowed icons on the Flipbox desktop is 18. All other additional apps should be added into Application folder.

7. Flipbox Internet browser displays a web side incorrectly or does not open it at all.

     Use Mozilla or Chrome as side application in Flipbox to open desired site.

8. Android, iOS, MacOs or Windows devices do not see Flipbox in LAN.

    Disable all firewalls and antiviruses. Check if the network has any limitations. Try to connect all devices to another free of limits network.

9. How to explore content from several flash drivers simultaneously?

    Flipbox can work only with one flash drive simultaneously. To open content from the second usb drive you need to unplug both drives and plug in the second one.

10. Does activation remain after Windows reinstalling or update to newer Windows version (7,8 to 10 for example).

      Activation will be lost.If you have a need to update Windows please write to us.

11. Is it possible to mirror Linux machines?

      It can be done via Java applet but it is not officially supported. Better to use VNC Server with VNC Viewer as side app in Flipbox. 

12. What are the reasons of actvation failure?

      No Internet connection or Flipbox activation server IP address is blocked by firewall or another software. The simple way to find out the possible reason is looking at the logs in       Flipbox root folder. Here are the few examples:

      [ERROR][ActivationDialog::onRemoteActivationFinished] "Remote activation failed: ERROR: All licenses are currently in use.  - it means license has already been activated.

      [ERROR][ActivationDialog::onRemoteActivationFinished] "Remote activation failed: Socket operation timed out - something wrong with network card.

      [ERROR][ActivationDialog::onRemoteActivationFinished] "Remote activation failed: Connection timed out - something is blocking connection with Activation server.

13. Flipbox activation drops down after every reboot.

      Disable and delete any side software which can control the system, like antivirus, PC health utilities etc. Here is the example which cause the problem.

14. How to enable additional logging for Airplay functionality?

      Open Flipbox/applications/AppVnc.ini with notepad and set parameter IsRecordReflectorLogs to true. Logs now will be recorded in Flipbox/AirPlay/log.log.

15. What kind of data does Flipbox collect in case the anonymous statistics option is enabled?
      Flipbox collects:
      1) What Flipbox functions were in use and how long.
      2) Triggering events.
      3) OS version.
      4) Flipbox version.

      All collected data is sent to Visiology server only.

16. How does Flipbox autostart?

       Flipbox creates a shortcut in this folder:
       "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp"

17. How to check if a PC meets Miracast requirements?

       The machine must have compatible Wi-Fi and video card drivers. Open command prompt and run the command "netsh wlan show drivers". Check the line with Miracast support.